Colleen's Child Care Backyard Play Area

Since buying this home in January 2007, this back yard has been COMPLETELY re-landscaped with the needs of my child care and my family in mind.  This backyard play area gives children the space to run, a place to climb, and plenty of room for water play days and even a patio to have a snack or to bring the indoor activities outdoors!  The backyard is completely fenced in and always supervised by an adult. 

Updated last on August 29, 2007

This page will be updated soon - July 2017

Overview of the climbing structures. This area is to the right of my patio going out my back door.

Another look at the climbing structures.

Looking my patio area which is used for eating snacks and sometime lunch outdoors when the weather is good.

A look at the back side of my home - the air conditioning unit is fenced off to keep little fingers out and safe from harms way.

Another view of my patio and side yard which is fenced off to keep little ones visible at all times.

An overview of my play area.

Sand and water tables which are used at least weekly for various items such as shaving cream, sand, colored rice and water.

Another view of my climbing area.

A large grass area to run, tumble, and even hear a story or two while sitting on blanket under a tree.

A beautiful crepe myrtle tree which provides us some shade while three new trees grow and will eventually shade most of the yard.