Colleen's Child Care

Philosophy / Mission Statement

Colleen’s Child Care believes that children should be allowed to be children. 

  Colleen's Child Care believes that from birth to three years of age is a vital time for learning and molding a child to become a successful adult. 

  Children need hands on experiences and the chance to explore their surroundings.  Simply said children learn through play and although what a child does may or may not produce what we think is a “perfect” product they are still learning.  There is no right or wrong answers in a child’s play. 

  It is my goal to provide age appropriate experiences through the use of various materials to both indoors and outdoors.  


  Colleen's Child Care will strive to ready your child to enter Kindergarten but in a kind and gentle nature through the use of play. 

  Colleen's Child Care will work on learning our shapes, colors, to recognize letters and numbers and our own names all while we socialize with our peers.

  Colleen's Child Care will also work to teach and model socially acceptable manners in play, meal times and everyday interactions with peers.